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Thank you for stopping by and expressing your interest in Biofield Tuning!

My name is Shauna Mayfield a recent graduate of the foundations course within the Biofield Tuning practitioner training program. Over the next few months, I will be fulfilling practicum hours as part of my required continued learning before completing the final part of the program to become a certified Biofield Tuning practitioner.

In the interest of biofield study, research, and practice, I am seeking out open minded and curious participants who would like to be introduced to and experience this fascinating approach to electric health.

Please continue to read through the rest of my website to learn more about the premise of Biofield Tuning and be sure to check out the videos linked below.

candidate requiREMENTS

Time: A session will last an hour plus a brief check in and out conversation. It is preferable that you can commit to 3 sessions within a one-month period.

Feedback: There is a simple questionnaire to fill out prior to and following a session.

Fee: If you are seeing me in person there is a $20 fee that goes to Yreka Healing Arts Center for use of the healing space. Otherwise, there is no charge for a biofield tuning session while I am still in my apprenticeship. Of course, you can make a donation if you like. Fees for the room or donations can safely be processed through my website on this page.

In person sessions are conducted at the Yreka Healing Arts Center.

Sessions can also be conducted from any distance. This is a curious phenomenon that has actually shown to be just as effective. I am really intrigued by this and would love to work with people who are open to exploring this amazing potential for distance connectivity though the human energy field and aether. Here is a video of Eileen McKusick, founder of Biofield Tuning, explaining her view on distance sessions and how it is that they work.

How does distance biofield tuning work?

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What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is the pioneering work of Eileen Day McKusick who has been researching and studying the effects of audible sound on the biofield for over 25 years. She is the author of the books Tuning the Human Biofield and Electric Body, Electric Health. She has developed a working thesis that has proven to be remarkably effective in the field of energy bodywork.

Tuning forks are a powerful tool that assists with movement of energy between the edge of the biofield and into the central channel bidirectional current. One difference between Biofield Tuning and other energy healing practices is that the tuning forks work under the premise of resonance and entrainment. They offer coherent soundwaves that allow dissonance to resolve and untangle energy that was caught out of flow. The adjustment process can reach into deep patterns of distortion. A session may facilitate integration of aspects within the Self that have been fractured out of alignment and need to be processed back into the main channel of your energy body system.

Electric Body Harmonics

As life events unfold from conception to the present moment our memories, thoughts and emotions record and play a musical soundtrack. Like an instrument, our radiant living bodies love being in tune.

The Great Central Sun

Electric Universe

Aether & Plasma

The new cosmology is all about electromagnetism, fractals and sacred geometry. Everything is connected through the luminiferous aether, the morphogenic field, the void or what is called space. It is the medium that wave-based light propagates from and is also known as the fifth element.

All planets, luminaries and galaxies exist within the interconnected aether or what is traditionally called the universe. I call it the aethernet because it is similar to the internet we use for communication using computers. Our intelligent bodies are the bioelectrical interface between our core energetic essence and the source of absolutely everything or what some may experience as God. It is within the fundamentals of aether that we find the answers that explain phenomena such as distance healing, remote viewing, and out of body experiences.

Plasma is the fourth fundamental element of matter. It is found in lightning, the aurora borealis, and the sun. All plasma behaves with similar properties in that it creates cells, filaments and double layer sheaths. You can see this in images of the Sun’s heliosphere and the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

The Human Biofield

Radiant Light Emissions

The biofield is a complex and dynamic human energy consciousness system. It is an atmosphere of diffuse bioplasma or bioluminesense also known as the subtle energies or lightbody. The biofield is interwoven within your physiology and every cell. It is your radiant light codex and contains every piece of information about you. From your ancestral lineage and into the future, your biofield is connected to all space and time.

Distortion patterns are carried forward from the root of human evolution (phylogenetically) and are activated through environmental circumstances during the course of one’s life.

Phylogenetic Rooted Tree of Life on Earth

These incoherent patterns carry signature frequencies that can become fixed into our biofield. They are learned beliefs and programmed responses to trauma, stress and pain that restrict bioelectrical potential. Light emissions (biophotons) get tangled up within these chaotic wave forms and remain frozen in the biofield through defensive protective blocking.

It is through energy bodywork that we touch the wound, harmonize its tone and integrate the biophotonic psychic energy back into full spectrum flow. There are many different schools of thought, methods and techniques when it comes to how this work is to be done. Each “healer” has a unique expression in the way they facilitate a session and may integrate assorted tools and learned skills.

Energy bodywork is engaging with the electromagnetic pathways that flow through the human body. Generally, the process involves activating energy centers (chakras), correcting their spin rotation, and then clearing and charging them. This adjustment allows them to function properly in that they can receive and distribute the energy frequency of that center.


Give & Receive

The intention I hold as a biofield tuning practitioner is to offer grounded and neutral sensing feedback to the client and to facilitate a shift in their biofield that is in harmony with their whole being.

The intention I offer for the client to hold is to open and receive their own energy into the central channel and to allow integration within their whole being.

Biofield Tuning

Session Overview

A tuning fork generates pure tones and coherence. This simply means it creates highly ordered frequencies. As sound waves propagate from the tuning fork, they interact with information contained within the biofield. Through the process of resonance and entrainment, the tuning forks work like a sounding board for the body to hear dissonance and autotune.

Session Introduction

The process of a biofield tuning session begins with the client lying on their back, fully clothed on a massage table. It is best to remove shoes and electrical devices. If it suits the client, they may desire a pillow under the knees. A blanket, box of tissues and glass of water are nearby.

The initial step is opening a line of communication between my biofield and the client’s. With an invitation to inhale deeply into the belly and exhale fully out the tailbone together we begin initiating a feedback loop where communication receptivity from the body and biofield are brought into awareness.

Activate Body Points

In preparing the body to be tuned, I activate a weighted tuning fork using light pressure on the body, following a series of points from the feet to the top of the head.

Adjust Energy Terminals & Activate Central Channel

The next part of the opening sequence involves adjusting, charging and grounding the positive and negative energy terminals located below the feet and above the head. The “Earth Star” (ascending current) negative energy terminal grounds you to the core of the Earth, while the “Sun Star” (descending current) positive energy terminal is connecting you to the Sun. These polarities create a bidirectional flow through the central channel of your energy body. This channel is also known as the sushumnna or caduceus, where yin and yang energy flows in a serpentine movement from the base of the spine through the crown of your head.

Toroidal Biofield
Determining Angle of Approach

Following the Earth and Sun star adjustments, I use a pendulum over the energy centers beginning at the feet moving up to the crown to determine the best angle of approach for your body. This is an opportunity for your body to communicate clearly with me as to where it would like to be worked on.

Field Combing

The work of field combing is essentially bringing highly structured order into the biofield. Waveforms within the field that hold patterns of distortion can entangle a person’s biophotonic energy potential (light/radiance/lifeforce). Unprocessed life events that were particularly stressful and traumatic can remain stuck in the biofield. The pattern creates a frequency signal and then attracts more of the same experience thereby gaining a powerful defensive protection. That’s why these pathological oscillations are not always easy to shift.

Tuning forks are a therapeutic tool used to assist in the process of energy integration and flow.

I begin with an unweighted fork and locate the edge of your biofield that corresponds to where the pendulum indicated. Slowly moving in towards the body, I am listening to the tones coming off the fork, feeling into the charge and density within the field, and deeply sensing what is happening in my body and the clients. I gently invite them to inhale and exhale with full intentional breaths. We are simply noticing what is coming forward and embodying the moment.

As the forks are combing through the field it is encountering perturbances in the timeline of the biofield. This is where the vibration and tone of the fork shifts and is sensed in the fingertips and palm of the practitioner. The frequency that the forks are resonating with in the field have recognizable features that reflect ranges of audible undertones, overtones and midtones. Usually after some time of offering coherent waveforms the dissonant tone becomes open and clear, thereby releasing biophotons that were previously entangled. Sometimes additional inputs and techniques will need to be applied such as a crystal or weighted fork. As the tuning fork continues to move through the biofield it is bringing energy in towards the centerline of the body and depositing it into the appropriate chakra for energy digestion and integration.

Closing Sequence

Following the field combing is a series of movements that are reinforcing the adjustment. The purpose behind this is to affirm the clients embodiment of core essence connection to the present moment. Also, it is a way to define the boundaries of their field and the energy that belongs to them while disconnecting the stream of energetic flow between our fields that was initiated at the beginning of the session.

Integration Symptoms

“All of you is welcome here.”

What can you expect to experience during and after a session?

Responses vary from person to person. Generally, there is a feeling of deep relaxation. You may feel tingling, buzzing, waves or pulses of energy, and temperature shifts of heat or cold. Some may fall asleep, and some may respond with a desire to move their body. Yawning, belching, stretching, crying, laughing and singing are all signs of energy shifting and creating space. Occasionally there will be a place in the biofield where the pattern is not easily shifting, and I may refer to the timeline to retrieve an associated memory from the client. The release of these patterns can potentially flood the body with a wave of charged emotion and feel intense as it moves back into flow.

Aftercare is very important following a biofield tuning session.

It is perfectly acceptable to experience nothing extraordinary. It is not a requirement to have a symptomatic response, just know that whatever comes forward is meant to be. Go with it and go through it. Sometimes the most noticeable result of biofield tuning is clarity in perspective, grounded intention and acute awareness of the self.

Water is essential in helping both the client and practitioner integrate the energy work. In addition to drinking water with a pinch of quality mineral salt it is recommended to take a bath with Epsom salts. The magnesium will assist in flushing out toxins through the skin and bowels.

Some people find the session leaves them feeling lightheaded and so it is recommended that you spend some time outside, preferably barefoot. It may also be helpful to have a snack available.

Processing can also be integrated with writing, journaling, art, dancing, singing, talking with friends and loved ones, and spending time alone in introspection. Listening deeply to the body, the mind and the senses to discern what moves to make next, what words to speak, what nutrients are needed and where the energy wants to flow.

This is how healing work is really done, through the desire and will of the individual. Energy bodyworkers and other health practitioners are in service as guides, facilitators and teachers.

Thank you for your time and interest, I look forward to speaking with you soon.

In Resonance & Flow…

Shauna Mayfield – Electric Health Facilitator


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